Showing Women How to Look Their Best During Job Search

Our Vision is BIG

The Strong Beauty Warrior™ Team envisions personalized beauty services and professional attire styling as the "new-norm" for all return-to-work programs.

Services include working with transitioning military women and women Veterans of all eras who are actively seeking employment. Expansion efforts coming in 2019 will include military spouses (ladies), CASA program fostered Young Adults and previously incarcerated women who are preparing for their release for a new life and gainful employment.  

Mission + Purpose

Our Mission is to provide a life-changing experience for our guests,  inspiring confidence with personalized updates that will result in looking and feeling an absolute best when attending job fairs, expos and interviews. We offer several services to include a fresh Hair Style and Professional attire with a few accessories, new shoes and properly fitted under garments. We also provide one-on-one Makeup Lessons to show guests how to enhance their natural beauty,  easily duplicate at home.    

The #StrongBeautyWarrior™ Team Purpose  is to assist our guests in creating their "Best Me"! We know that when we look good on the outside, we  feel great on the inside.


  • We commit to loving support, patience, understanding and a comfortable, safe environment.
  • We will always treat our clients, business partners, suppliers and employees with honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect. 
  • We will collaborate with passionate industry professionals who have a desire to make a difference and help women feel beautiful inside and out.
  • We will support Woman-Owned and Veteran-Owned businesses whenever possible 
  • We strive to use only cruelty-free products and supplies Made in America
  • Our Guests are our #1 Priority and our goal is to make sure they leave better than when they arrived!

Working with The Best & Doing Our Best For You

As artists, stylists and business owners, we commit to improving our knowledge and skills through continuing education. We're open to finding new ways to best live our life's purpose and honor the opportunity to serve our guests. 

The   #StrongBeautyWarrior™ Team is comitted to leaving our guests better than when they arrived. We  strive to help them see what we see in them and gain the confidence they need while pursuing the next chapter in their life.  

Respecting each other's gifts, talents and style,  we take every opportunity to look inward and honor what we can bring to the table for our guests : There can't be ego or "me".  What we do is all about our guest and how we can contribute positively to their success.


noun -- she·ro  \ ˈshir-(ˌ)ō \ 

 : a woman regarded as a hero  

Origin of shero

blend of she and hero
First Known Use: 1892

Bra's + Panties Fitted by an Expert

Breast Health is Important and like many women in the military, a sports bra has been your go-to support system for many years. Studies show that over 80% of women wear the wrong size bra which results in many  back and neck problems plus other health risks.  With a perfectly fitted bra, breasts are supported from underneath and not from the shoulder straps so pressure on the shoulders is minimized. Another bonus is that your clothes will look better on you  and when breasts are lifted up, you will appear slimmer, trimmer and for the mature woman - younger. 

Freshen up your Hair + Makeup by a Pro

Congratulations! You survived military life: Hat-Hair is forever behind you and you can put all those pins, clips and hair ties away. Now it's time to celebrate with a fresh hairstyle that suits your personality and compliments your face shape -  Liberating!  You'll also have the opportunity to meet privately with a working makeup artist who'll show you how to enhance your natural features with premimum, over-the-counter color cosmetics and only to the point of what feels comfortable for you.  Everything you learn will be completely duplicatable at home.

Interview Clothing is Important

First impressions are important while networking and when meeting with potential employers, one-on-one or at hiring events.  You've got your resume ready and your hair and makeup look great,  so your clothing needs to look great too! That's where our personal stylists come in: They will help you find a "look" that's comfortable, yet professional and will work for all situations. The style will compliment your body type/shape and the color will compliment your eyes and skin tone. Your shopping experience includes a new outfit, handbag and shoes plus a few accessories so you can change it up for that second (and hopefully final!) interview. Perfect.

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