We Want to Enhance Your Ability to Advocate for Yourself

First impressions by potential employers are subconscious and judgmental so we want to show our guests how to make maximum impact at first sight with a message that says, 

"I am a  confident professional woman and you need me on your team!"

Like most military women, I spent a lot of time in my fatigues wearing a sports bra and my hair tied up. My first job was working in a large tanker maintenance squadron filled with career fields that were designed for and occupied mostly by men but it was a challenge that I was ready for and the benefits included life-long friendships and travel all over the world, plus I had a lot of fun!  I've always been competitive so my goal was to move up as fast as I could. I volunteered for everything with the hopes of being noticed by leadership, I furthered my education and made it to the Senior NCO ranks as a First Sergeant. However, through the years,  I lost a bit of my femininity, I learned to hide my emotions and admittedly, I lost a lot of  myself along the way as well. 

Fast forward to my retirement in 2004:  My transitioned to civilian life was rough and I felt disconnected and unprepared. I considered looking for a job but chose entrepreneurship instead and with the support of my  family,  I turned a part-time passion into a successful business in the wedding beauty industry.

In 2016,  a friend asked me if I'd help a woman Veteran who was job hunting and needed a little "update" to her appearance -- she was getting interviews but no offers. After seeing her confidence soar with a fresh hair style, a little makeup and a sharp interview outfit. I wondered if there was a need for this type of service so  I reached out to my Veteran network, got more referrals and the results were the same: When we look good on the outside, we feel good on the inside!  

Veteran clients told me that their TAP class just talked about the importance of a professional appearance when looking for work. Hiring officials confirmed that  how a candidate looks -  that first  impression, creates a judgement about who the applicant is and the value they offer. It is clear that the moment a job seeker is seen from across the room at a job fair or stepping into the interview, they are being sized up and judged. How sad to think that an impressive military career outlined in a resume could quickly be dismissed just because of an appearance that might be interpreted as a poor value. 

After a 19-month test program working with military women, it was evident that we filled a need and Strong Beauty Warrior™  was created.  On January 7, 2019, we became a 100% Woman Veteran Owned California S Corporation and we work Business to Consumer, Business to Business and we're now a certified small business (micro) on DGS offering our services and retail contracts Business to Government. Learn more about us on our Government Page

  Kelly Robertson (Ret) USAFR First Sgt

Kelly Robertson (Ret) USAFR First Sgt