Testimonials & Love Notes

Our First Review!

"... I met Kelly at a woman's veteran expo and she convinced me to meet her -- the rest is history! After my makeover  which included a new hairstyle, I felt like a new woman, got a great job and relocated near my hometown...."  

~ Amber Wein,  USMC Veteran, 

Tucson, Arizona

Rave Review

 "The first thing I did was throw out all my sports bras and got fitted for a "real bra" - what a difference!  Everyone was super sweet and professional and it's just what I needed after years in my BDU's. Thanks  for making me feel pretty again, a must for all military women!" 

~ Celeste "Cece" Gonzalez, 

USAF Veteran, So Cal 

Thank You Doners

"My experience with Strong Beauty was amazing and everyone on staff was amazing too. I am so grateful for their services and to the donors who made my makeover possible! I felt like a lady again and got a job offer at my first job fair!"  ~ Colleen M., USMC Veteran

The Love Continues

"I was not hopeful about finding a good job until I began to work with Kelly Robertson and her team. They helped me realize my value and  I only wish I would have found these services sooner. I got a job much faster than I thought because of my new found confidence. I still have a way to go personally, but Kelly, you helped me begin my new life and I'm not feeling like a victim any more.  Thank you to everyone who helped me.. "

J.M. Alton, USMC Veteran

And Another

"..so I left the AF Reserve program to raise my twins and before I knew it, 20 years had passed. Ready to get back to work ... but I wasn't feeling too pretty. I saw Kelly's studio three times before I finally called, asking for makeup lessons. We got to talking, I told her I was a Veteran and after a consultation, I had a new cut and style,  a perfect outfit, a foundation that actually matched my skin tone and I got a fun job at Kohls and now I'm a department manager.  Kelly, you and your team changed my life!" ~ Forever grateful, ~Cassie Montgomery 

And Another!

"I met Kelly at the American Legion in Hollywood as a guest of an attendee of the Ms. Veteran America contest. I told her my terminal leave from the Marine Corps was starting that next week, she gave me a hug and said, "timing is divine, don't worry."  I needed hair, makeup and a new outfit and felt like a new woman. I attended my first job fair within 2 weeks. of getting out and started receiving offers that day! I accepted a great job with a large, well-known manufacturer (perfect since I was in Logistics).  Thank you for everything Kelly, Angela and Chanta!" ~ Erin Ann, San Diego